Top 3 Apps for Business

Of course we all know there’s an app for just about everything nowadays, some are funny, some are silly, some are just plain odd!  But the apps you should really care about, are those that make your life easier in some way.  When you run a business, your time is precious, and anything that can make a task easier or quicker, is worth its weight in gold.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of 3 apps you should certainly have on your tablet and/or smartphone.

Hootsuite – Every online business owner knows how important it is to be social media savvy, but most also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of an ever increasing number of social networks.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… the list is always growing, so it makes good sense to put an app to work to keep everything together in one place.  Hootsuite does just that, allowing you to filter your networks, set up alerts, schedule content and lots more.

Evernote – The beauty of evernote, is it’s exactly what you want it to be.  Whatever you want to keep track of, be it a quick ‘memo to self’ when a great idea hits, or a series of notes on a project, a new colleague’s contact details – evernote is the equivelant of dozens of scribbled post-it notes, all neatly organised and safe from getting lost!  You can make text notes, voice notes, even snap a photo.  It’s very customiseable, and better yet, it’s free!

Toodle-Do – Every business owner has a perpetual to-do list, so what better than an app to keep track of just that.  You can set up numerous different lists, share them with other members of your team, add details regarding certain tasks, set reminders, prioritise your workload and lots more.  It’s one of those great apps that is incredibly flexible and easy to make work for you, however you need it to.

As with all apps though, the most important factor is to find one that works for you.  What one person loves, another might not get on with at all.  So if your social media centre or your email processing isn’t working out, try something else.  Apps are supposed to streamline your workload and make life easier – not add to your stress levels!

Which app can you not live without?


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